Rumor: Acura to Adopt ZF 9-Speed Automatic by 2014?

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ZF 9HP 9-Speed Automatic

ZF 9HP 9-Speed Automatic

While we’re patiently waiting for the arrival of the “Earth Dreams” CVT and 7-speed dual clutch transmissions, Automobile Magazine has suggested that Acura may utilize a 9-Speed Automatic developed by German supplier ZF by 2014.

An early press release from Honda had the new Earth Dreams electric SH-AWD system paired with Honda’s 7-speed dual clutch, but it still hasn’t been confirmed which models will receive the mentioned combination. According to the article, the next generation TL expected at the end of 2013 may be the first Acura to use the ZF “9HP” transmission.

More details at Automobile Magazine.

[Source: Automobile Magazine]

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  1. March 25th, 2012 at 12:01 | #1

    Acura Gets a 9 Speed Auto Trans for the “Fake Electric Hybrid” SH-AWD by 2014? Built By a German Company? Whoa.. I bet those will be reliable. I could list a number of things Acura and Honda need and I have plenty of renderings for new Interiors that rep old Honda Fashion with a touch of today’s influences. I also have lists and lists of drive train options per each model like the Civic, Accord, Odyssey, RL, TSX, ILX and the Ridgline. (those are the much needed models)

    TSX-Base 2.4L 220/195 – 6spd Auto/Manual – 22/34hwy (hp up by 19ponies and torque up by 22feet)
    TSX-Tech 2.4L 220/195 – 6spd Auto/Manual – 22/34hwy (hp up by 19ponies and torque up by 22feet)
    TSX-V6 3.5L 290/270 – 6spd Auto/Manual 21/30hwy [w/ VCM active] (hp up by 10ponies and torque up by 16feet)
    TSX-V6 Tech ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ”
    TSX-Type-S 2.3L Turbo 260/280 6spd Manual only 20/29hwy (hp up by 20ponies and torque up by 20feet)

    ILX-Hybrid 1.5L 135/150 – 6spd Auto/CVT – 35/46hwy (hp up by 24ponies and torque up by 40feet)
    ILX-Base 2.0L 200/160 -5spd Auto/6spd Manula – 24/32hwy (hp up by 50ponies and torque by 60feet)
    ILX-Elite 2.4L 220/195 – 6spd Auto/Manual – 22/34hwy (hp up by 19ponies and torque up by 22feet)
    ILX-Coupe 2.4L or 2.0L– Same as above.

    RL-Base V6 3.7L 360/310 7spd Auto/6Manual – 25/31hwy (hp up by 60ponies and torque by 39feet)
    RL-Advanced V6 3.7L 360/310 7spd Auto/6Manual – 25/39hwy (hp up by 60ponies and torque by 39feet)
    RL-Elite V8 3.8L 430/340 7spd Auto/6Manual – 22/38hwy [w/ VCM active on all models] New Addition///

    Civic-Hybrid 1.3L 130/140 – 5spd Auto/CVT – 38/49hwy —
    Civic-Base 1.8L 160/130 – 5spd Auto/6spd Manual – 29/39hwy —
    Civic-EX 2.0L 200/160 – 5spd Auto/ 6spd Manual – 27/37hwy —
    Civic-Si 2.0L 210/170 -6spd Manual only – 26/34hwy —

    Accord-Base 2.2L 210/185 – 5sp Auto/ 6sp Manual – 32/38hwy —
    Accord-EX 2.4L 215/190 – 6sp Auto/ 6sp Manual – 31/37 —
    Accord-V6 3.2L 280/250 – 6sp Auto only – 30/36 with out VCM W/ VCM- 32/38hwy —
    Accord-LXi 2.0L 210/170 -6sp Manual only – 25/31hwy —

    Odyssey-Base 3.5L V6 – 270/270 6sp Auto only – 33/43hwy — 34/45hwy with VCM on —
    Odyssey-LXi 3.5L V6 – 270/270 6spd Auto / 7spd Auto w/ AWD only. – 32/42 hwy with VCM on —

    Ridgline-Base 3.7L V6 – 280/270 6spAuto only w/ part time AWD (SH-AWD when engaged) – 22/28hwy with VCM
    Ridgline-heavyD 3.8L V8 – 350/370 6spAuto only w/ part time AWD (SH-AWD when engaged) – 20/29hwy with VCM

    Those are all so sketchy i know but with Stronger VTEC kicks on the Si, LXi and Type-S models and along with Direct injection and geared Transmissions, specs can change. Weight reduction in top trim models such as SI, and Type-S models do take affect. LXi models include sport power train and luxury features.
    RL is Standard with SH-AWD
    TSX is only avail in S-FWD
    ILX is only avail in FWD and S-FWD on the Elite and coupe trims.
    Civic is only avail in FWD and S-FWD on the Si and coupe trims.
    Accord avail in FWD only. LXi gets S-FWD.
    Ridgline is AWD standard and SH-AWD when activated via buttons. :P
    Odyssey is FWD standard with optional AWD and SH-AWD when Activated.

    Cheapest Models shown-Civic Base. Price: 15,550. Highest Priced model shown-RL Elite. Price: 57,290.

    *** I know I’ve gone crazy with the MPG’s.. The Above is never going to happen.***