Rendered: Second Generation NSX with Diamond Pentagon Grille

The 2017 NSX is without doubt, a beautifully executed vehicle with consistent styling that flows through its entire body. Which is why we’ve been wondering how Acura will manage a diamond pentagon grille facelift in the future.

We decided to give it a really quick attempt in photoshop based primarily on the Acura CDX design. Surprisingly, the result worked out relatively well. The new look seems to trade aggressive styling for a bit of elegance – which isn’t a bad thing, especially if there’s a need to differentiate itself from Honda.

Can the diamond pentagon grille can be grafted onto the NSX while still staying true to the original design? What do you think?

Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

UPDATE August 27, 2018: We’ve added a second version of our render. It’s a bit more aggressive with larger inlets, a dark chrome grille and revised headlights.

[Souce: Acura Connected]

2 comments on “Rendered: Second Generation NSX with Diamond Pentagon Grille

  1. Dan K

    Yeah it’s not bad at all. It’s got more of a luxury car look like a Mercedes AMG GT. Would like to see it the grille “taller” though if possible.

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