Rendered: Acura NSX Roadster in Nouvelle Blue Pearl

We’ve seen a few renderings of an open-top version of the new NSX, but this latest one from Remco M is based on the newly introduced Nouvelle Blue Pearl color. Remco says he opted for a targa top rather than a convertible to “keep the R&D costs lower” and to maintain body rigidity. Click here for a 900×600 pixel image.

[Source: RM.Design]

Rendered: 2017 Acura TLX

Acura Designers got it right with the refreshed 2016 Acura RDX. A lot of the new Acura styling elements have been carried over from the 2016 ILX, but the differences in their designs seem to really benefit the RDX. Compared to its predacessor, the new Jewel Eye headlights and edgier details give the 2016 RDX a more aggressive and premium look.

I loved the styling so much I wondered how it would translate onto the TLX. Although the TLX has another two years before a refresh, I imagine it would look something like the render above if it followed the styling trends of the 2016 ILX and RDX. Click here for 795×320 pixel image.

[Source: Acura Connected]

Rendered: Next Generation NSX Racer

Here’s a recent rendering from TKF Renders of an NSX Racer based on the next generation NSX. What’s neat about this one is that it’s an actual 3D model, allowing us to see a detailed view of both the front and rear of the car.

[Source: TKF Renders]

Rendered: RealTime Racing Acura Coupe Concept

Artist Robert Meijer created this RealTime Racing Acura Coupe based on the new Civic Concept. I do love the design of the Civic Concept, but seeing this render I actually think the V-shape of the Acura grille is a better fit with all the hard angles on the front bumper.

Although this render was all in good fun, with the announcement of some new turbocharged engines and a Civic Type-R launching in the U.S., you’ve got to wonder if Acura will follow up with it’s own sporty coupe.

[Source: RealTime Racing via Facebook]

Rendered: Acura CDX Crossover

Recent news of a potential small crossover model from Acura has prompted Russian automotive website DRIVE.RU to create this rendering of the Acura “CDX”.

There really isn’t too much to the rendering, it simply places the whole front end of the 2016 Acura RDX onto the body of the Honda HR-V and adds some new wheels. It does however give us an idea of how the newer Acura styling traits would look with the compact proportions of the HR-V platform. Of course, if Acura did create its own version of the HR-V, we’d expect significant upgrades both inside and out to distinguish itself as a premium vehicle.

[Source: DRIVE.RU]

2016 Acura NSX Render Compilation Part 2

Several new renders based on the 2016 Acura NSX have appeared since our first render roundup. One in particular from Pratyush Rout/Chris Doane Automotive of a blue NSX Type-R is in the spotlight after its recent feature on both Car and Driver and Some of my new favorites featured in the gallery above may not have gotten as much attention, but they’re still very impressive. Drop me a line if you have any info or links for the artists of these renders.

[Source: Autemo, Car and Driver]

2016 Acura NSX Render Compilation

Acura NSX Le Mans Race Car

It didn’t take long for digital artists and photoshoppers to have their way with the new Acura NSX. If you knew where to search, you could probably find the 2016 NSX rendered in the color of your choice shortly after the debut. But the customizations didn’t end with just a few color changes or wheel swaps, visions of different NSX variations started to appear within the week, from a simple targa top model to the extreme GT racer featured above.

From Facebook, Instagram and around the web, I compiled a few of my favorite 2016 Acura NSX renders and added them to the gallery above. For more info on the artists, see the list below:

• GT500 NSX – Khyzyl Saleem
• Super Widebody Kit – HugoSilva Designs
• 2016 Acura NSX Widebody – Carlifestyle
• Liberty Walk NSX – Top Tier Imports/@shaunjeroski
• Acura NSX Type-R – X-Tomi Design 
• Acura NSX Type-R in Championship White – Sinh-Truong