Edmunds.com Renders the 2015 Acura ILX Coupe

2015 Acura ILX Coupe Rendered - Courtesy Edmunds.com, Inc.

Today Edmunds.com presented a very Civic-looking, yet sharp rendering of what a future ILX Coupe would look like, and in the same breath announced that it’s unlikely that Acura will ever build such a model. Edmunds.com says Honda previously hinted at a coupe variant, but with sales numbers not quite where they should be, Edmunds now thinks the addition of a coupe is “less likely”.

We’ve heard the 2014 ILX will come with some nice upgrades, hopefully it’s enough for a huge sales boost.

Head over to Edmunds.com for the full post – Edmunds.com: 2015 Acura ILX Coupe Is Dead

[Source: Edmunds.com]

Rendered: Acura ILX Coupe

Acura ILX Coupe

Remco M creates his take on what Acura’s next coupe should look like with these renderings of a modified ILX. You’ll notice the lower front fascia incorporates some features from the current TL, while the reshaped headlights and tail lights take cues from the 2002-2004 RSX. Take a closer look at Remco’s 2-door ILX with the images below:

[Source: RM.Design]

Rendered: Acura ILX Coupe

Acura ILX Coupe

Acura ILX Coupe: Hot or not? Acura’s newest sedan looks pretty sharp, but would it work as a coupe? You be the judge. After a little nip and tuck, I think the design could work quite nicely.

Should Acura develop a sporty 2-door alternative? What would you wish for in an ILX Coupe?

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