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Gallery: NSX CONCEPT-GT Debuts in Super GT Round 1

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The NSX CONCEPT-GT made its Super GT debut this past weekend in Round 1 at Okayama International Circuit. Five teams are running the NSX CONCEPT-GT in the GT500 class this season, but the Weider Modulo DOME Racing Team had the best result of the group, finishing 5th place out of 15 cars overall.

The NSX teams will need to regroup for Super GT Round 2 which takes places on May 4th at Fuji Speedway.

[Source: Honda]

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Gallery: NSX at Suzuka Circuit Motorsports Fan Appreciation Day

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This past weekend Suzuka Circuit’s Motorsports Fan Appreciation Day brought an epic collection of cars to the event, and NSX fans would not be denied. Honda of course brought its newest racing machine the NSX CONCEPT-GT, and put it alongside two iconic NSXs: the Team Kunimitsu NSX – winner of the 1995 Le Mans GT2 class, and the Castrol MUGEN NSX – winner of the 2000 JGTC GT500 class. The trio of NSXs lapping the circuit created some pretty good photo ops seen in the gallery above.

Also included are photos of the NSX CONCEPT-GT with its Super GT Japanese rivals, Lexus’ RC F and Nissan’s GT-R.

[Source: Suzuka Circuit via Facebook]

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Video: NSX CONCEPT-GT Testing at Suzuka Circuit

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Honda has released a new 2:15-minute video featuring Team Kunimitsu as they fine tune the RAYBRIG NSX CONCEPT-GT in preparation for the upcoming 2014 Super GT season.

Click here to view the video

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Gallery: NSX Concept in Gran Turismo 6

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NSX Concept - Gran Turismo 6

The “photo mode” first debuted in Gran Turismo 4 allowing players to take a break from the driving and become a virtual automotive photographer. It gave players a chance to shoot their dream cars in iconic locations with complete creative control over the camera.

Along with last year’s release of Gran Turismo 6 came the opportunity to not only drive, but to photograph the many angles of the NSX Concept. A quick search for the NSX Concept on Flickr resulted in some pretty spectacular user uploads from the game. Check out a few of my favorites in the gallery below.

[Source: jereswinnen, Snake206 GT6 photos, Ronin_GTAndy36 via Flickr]

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Snapshot: Acura NSX Prototype

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Acura NSX Prototype

Even our hottest models undergo extreme all weather testing before they hit the road.

[Source: Acura via Facebook]

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Snapshot: NSX CONCEPT-GT, NSX-GT and HSV-010 GT

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A snapshot from the Honda Racing THANKS DAY 2013 event at Twin Ring Motegi captures three generations of Honda’s Super GT racers. Leading the pack is the NSX CONCEPT-GT which will debut in next year’s Super GT season, followed by the NSX-GT(1997-2009) and the HSV-010 GT(2010-2013) in the rear. Click here for a larger image.

Below are some clips of the three vehicles lapping the track in front of the Honda fans at Twin Ring Motegi.

Click here to view the videos

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Snapshot: NSX Concept in White

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White Honda NSX Concept


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Video: Powered by Honda

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This is the sweet sound of the NSX CONCEPT-GT preparing your tea. In a unique display of their technological prowess, Honda Japan uses the NSX to present their Honda Smart Home system.

Check out the 90-second clip below.

Click here to view the video

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