2011 Honda Accord Japan Images

2011 Honda Accord Japan

Honda Japan has finally updated its website with info on the 2011 JDM Honda Accord.

As expected the 2011 Accord gets the same refreshed exterior treatment as the 2011 Acura TSX. Aside from the obvious grille difference and clear turn signals, you should notice the Type-S has totally different headlights from the TSX.

Check out the images in the gallery below or visit Honda Japan for more information.

[Source: Honda Japan]

Acura TSX Sport Wagon vs BMW 328i Sports Wagon

Acura TSX Sport Wagon vs. BMW 328i Sports Wagon

Winding Road has posted a nice little comparison of the new 2011 Acura TSX Sport Wagon and a 2011 BMW 328i Sports Wagon.

While both can be considered luxury wagons, the two vehicles are still very different. For starters the Bimmer’s as-tested price is up about $11,000 over the TSX, and houses a bigger 3.0 L inline-six sending power to the rear wheels. It’s still an interesting read though with some great photos.

Head over to www.windingroad.com to check out the full comparison.

[Source: Winding Road, Photos by Chris Amos]

2011 RL and Acura TSX Sport Wagon on acura.com

2011 Acura TSX Sport Wagon

Acura.com has rounded out it’s 2011 model line with the recent additions of the new 2011 TSX Sport Wagon and the refreshed 2011 RL.

While the TSX Sport Wagon gallery has photos we’ve previously seen before, the 2011 RL has some new and exciting shots.

Take a look at the new photos, pricing, specifications, accessories and the rest of the details at acura.com.

2011 Acura RL

[Source: Acura]

RonJon Sport Design 2011 TSX Concept

RonJon Sport Design 2011 TSX

RonJon Sport Design already has plans to offer exterior styling parts and accessories to customize the 2011 TSX Sedan. Pictured above is a rendering of what the RonJon TSX could look like.

Here is a list products they plan to offer:

  • 6-piece underbody diffuser/splitter style add on kits (ABS material, comes prepped and primed with optional CF and Dynoc finishes available).
  • Rear window roof spoilers.
  • Rear decklid flush style lip spoilers.
  • Adjusted pricing on our current wheels.
  • New finishes on our current best sellers.
  • Forged Monoblock and 3 piece wheels at afordble pricing (compared with the competition).

Visit ronjonwheels.com for more information.

[Source: RonJon Sport Design]

2011 Acura TSX Sport Wagon Autoblog.com Review

2011 Acura TSX Sport Wagon ©2010 Jeff Glucker

Autoblog.com recently posted a review on the new 2011 Acura TSX Sport Wagon.

While the actual review was fairly positive,  I was shocked to find the comments weren’t focused on the Acura grill. Usually Autoblog is notorious for users hating on the grill, but it seems there was some real discussion going on. Has the general opinion on Acura styling changed with the new revised grill?

Check out the review, photos and comments on autoblog.com

[Source: Autoblog]