Rendered: Acura RLX/Legend Coupe

Who wants a new Acura coupe? We do, you do, we all do! Check out this rendering from Dillon Crumpler aka HondataLover, of a next generation sub-NSX sports car. The car is dubbed Legend, bringing back the iconic name last seen in 1995. With sleek lines, an RDX-inspired front and an aggressive stance, we can only dream! Thanks for sharing Dillon!

[Source: Dillon Crumpler aka HondataLover]

5 comments on “Rendered: Acura RLX/Legend Coupe

  1. Ron Desrochers

    Would love to see this come out, it would definitely be on my short list.

  2. Vince

    This what a fine car company like Acura
    Needs to concentrate on the WOW Factor

  3. William Serrano Jr

    Nice sporty seats. 6-speed manual for the purists. SH-AWD. It would destroy.

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