Rendered: Acura TLX and Integra Type R

Integra Type R

Integra Type R

Acura TLX Type R

The only Acura to ever wear the iconic Type R badge was the 3rd-generation Integra, but what if Acura applied the same Type R formula to its current models?

These renders from sinhvtruong attempt to give us the answer. The sleek side profiles show the TLX and the new Integra with some Civic Type R vibes – a rear wing, aero bits and front fender vents. A second view of the TLX Type R was also created, giving us more carbon fiber aero, a hood vent and a frameless diamond pentagon grille. Judging by the online reaction, it’s a look that everyone wishes would come true.

Unfortunately a TLX Type R is highly unlikely, but we do get to look forward to a new Integra Type S!

[Source: sinhvtruong via Instagram]

2 comments on “Rendered: Acura TLX and Integra Type R

  1. Timothy J. Roth

    WOW, The lines on this car are beautiful hats off to the designer I love the WHITE. This is a sexy car you have to go through with this car. This will sell. Make it electric but wait for the FOREVER BATTERY IT’S COMMING VERY SOON.
    Thanks Tim

  2. Jim Obrien

    No electric crap ! Gasoline engines make you feel connected
    Make a HO output TLX -S With at. Least 400 HP and 400 ft of Torque with much better 1st gear
    And a real launch mode ,then the German car buyers will take Acura seriously ,
    If you truly want to make your mark ,at least 100 In Sports auto clubs Agreed for the Acura engine is a gem ,with all forged internal parts and roller lifters ,give it more turbo boost and quicker shifting .


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