1997 Acura NSX on HRE C95

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HRE Performance Wheels NSX

“A classic of it’s time, the Acura (Honda) NSX was one of the few Japanese mid-engine sports. You probably recognize Andy aka “BlueBatmobile” on the forums.

Andy selected a set of HRE C95 with Brush Tinted centers and Polished outer. His NSX uses 18″x8.5″ front and 19″x10″ rear. The C95 features titanium assembly bolts, some of the lightest wheels HRE offers.”

[Source: HRE Performance Wheels, Photos by Stanceworks, Mike Burroughs]

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  1. Mike
    January 9th, 2012 at 22:04 | #1

    lol all show and no go car.