Randy’s #deletethebeak Acura TLX

As the pioneer of #deletethebeak Acura TLX custom grilles, Randy’s TLX has often been used to test out his experimental creations. But after many trials, the car is now one of the most unique TLXs out there.

Mixing the pre-facelift headlights, custom grille and A-Spec bumper sounds like a hot mess, but it turned out to be a winning combo. The car looks so good in its current form that we had to create a new gallery for it.

Here’s a mod list we received from Randy:

  • Beak delete custom Acura grille
  • Front hand made A-Spec bumper
  • A-Spec rear spoiler
  • A-Spec door sills
  • A-Spec rear bumper
  • G4werks carbon fiber splitter
  • Tein flex z
  • Tein EDFC
  • Progress Sway Bar
  • EBC Yellow Stuff
  • Stoptech slotted rotors
  • Pypes 4.5 tips
  • Trunk compartment and liner
  • Ktuner 1.2
  • Aem CAI
  • Rv6 HFPC
  • Rv6 JPipe
  • Muffler delete
  • Rohana RFX5 wheels

For more info on the custom grilles follow boss02126 on Instagram or check out our original post – Custom Grilles for the 2015-2017 Acura TLX

[Source: boss02126 via Instagram]

4 comments on “Randy’s #deletethebeak Acura TLX

  1. Rich

    Hey, My name is Rich and I’m interested in a custom grille for my 2107 TLX. Any information or sources would be greatly appreciated. Im looking to gran one asap. Thank you.


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