Acura TL Sport Wagon Rendering

Acura TL Sport Wagon Rendering

Autoblog reader Andrew Stump used some fancy photoshop work to create this rendering of a Royal Blue Pearl Acura TL Sport wagon. 

There have been no rumors that the TL will be getting this type of treatment, but it seems the popularity of wagons and crossovers have been increasing the past few years. 

What do you think of Andrew’s TL Sport Wagon? 

[Source: Andrew Stump via Autoblog]

3 comments on “Acura TL Sport Wagon Rendering

  1. Daryl

    This could work…. but i think it looks a little too plain compared to the front end of the TL. Maybe if it was a bit edgier.

  2. TL09

    This is sweet! Why in the world did they discontinue royal blue for 2010 though… loved tghat color!

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