Rumor: TSX Sport Wagon not coming to Canada

2011 Acura TSX Sport Wagon


Back in June a user on AcuraZine started a thread claiming the TSX Sport Wagon may not be released in North America after all. I heard a similar rumor from a friend at Honda earlier this month but I was skeptical since it seemed that Acura has continued to promote its release for the fall of 2010. 

Just yesterday the same AcuraZine member confirmed the TSX Sport Wagon will not be sold in Canada. 

There has been no official release from Acura Canada but I wouldn’t be all that surprised if the rumors were true.

UPDATE August 25 11:00 AM: This morning I contacted a different source working at Acura and they also confirmed the Sport Wagon will not be coming to Canada. 

[Source: AcuraZine]

3 comments on “Rumor: TSX Sport Wagon not coming to Canada

  1. Rob G

    I never liked the styling of this thing. The front looks good, slightly different from the sedan but still retains that new edgy style. Everything behind it though, looks BORING. Where did the style go? The rear looks like it was designed in the 90’s!


    Give it SH-AWD and I might consider it. Actually give the sedan AWD too. Is it even possible with its currrent platform?

  3. Anthony

    The wagon is sold in South Africa,Europe,and New Zealand as the Honda Accord Euro wagon.

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