It’s Official – Acura’s First Cars are Now Classics

1986 Acura Legend Sedan

Did you know that July 8, 2011 is the second annual Collector Car Appreciation Day? Designated as a national celebration of classic cars, the event was created to applaud collector cars and hobbyists. Initiated by the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) and passed by the Senate, the resolution says that the collection and restoration of historic and classic cars is an important part of preserving the technological achievements and cultural heritage of the United States. It’s also to acknowledge the motorsports and car restoration industries as vital job providers across the country.

What makes a car eligible to be registered as a classic? It varies by state, but on average, it must be 25 years old. Coincidentally, this year marks the 25th anniversary of the Acura brand. That means our debut models, the Legend 4-door sedan and the sporty Integra-the United State’s first Japanese luxury vehicles-now qualify as classic cars.

Some classic cars are notable for their age, but below are several Acura models that are destined to become classics for their own reasons. If you own one today, kudos for your forward thinking.

Acura Integra GS-R

Integra GS-R – The Integra GS-R, which ran from 1992 – 2001, is renowned for being the first Acura to feature VTEC® after the technology made its debut in the NSX supercar. The 1992 GS-R 3-door hatchback had a 1.7-liter engine that produced 160 hp @ 7600 rpm but was revered mostly for its screaming, motorcycle-like 8200 rpm redline. Later, the GS-R was offered in both hatchback and sedan forms, powered by the legendary B18 1.8L engine that produced 170hp at 7600 RPM with VTEC®. Out of all the GS-R models sold during 10 years of production, the 1992 and 1993 hatchbacks and the later GS-R Sedan models are the rarest.

Acura Legend

Legend 6MTs – The Acura Legend was a great car through 2 generations and 10 years of sales. Within the Legend line-up, the 6-speed manual transmission Legends, sold in 1993 and 1994, were some of the best. The Legend 6MT marked one of first times that a 6-speed transmission was used in anything other than an exotic sports car. The transmission was coupled with a powerful 230hp V6 engine and sport suspension. Very few 6-speed Legends were produced, in particular, the 4-door Legend GS 6MT which only sold around 400 units in the 2 years it was available.

Integra Type-R – Introduced in 1997, the Type-R was geared toward the hard-core enthusiast willing to dispense with luxuries like a sunroof, cruise control, vanity mirrors and even standard A/C in pursuit of lighter weight. Instead, they were treated to a 195-hp, 1.8-liter engine that provided more horsepower per liter than any normally aspirated mass-produced engine in the U.S. A track-calibrated suspension, larger brakes, and limited slip differential were other Type-R exclusives.

Acura CL Type-S

CL Type-S 6-speed – Following in the legacy of the 6-speed Legends was the 2003 CL Type-S with 6MT. Available only for one year, it had a short life, but with 260 hp, a limited slip diff and slick 6-speed manual, there was a lot to like. Not one of the most well known Acura models but a great one that represented a bridge between some of the iconic models of the past and the powerful models of today.

Zanardi NSX

Zanardi NSX – With only a few thousand produced any NSX is rare, but with a production run of only 50, the 1999 Alex Zanardi edition is the most exclusive. Named after two-time CART Champion Alex Zanardi, the Zanardi NSX shaved 149 pounds from the already light NSX, while boasting a track-calibrated suspension, lightweight BBS alloy wheels and non-power assist steering.

Over the years Acura has made some amazing vehicles, all combining impressive powertrains and fun-to-drive with quality, reliability, and efficiency. We don’t know what the next generation of classics will be, possibly the current ZDX or TL SH-AWD 6MT, but you can be sure that Acura will continue to make exciting vehicles for years to come.

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25 comments on “It’s Official – Acura’s First Cars are Now Classics

  1. ACURA Fan

    I see a lot of great 2 door models on the list. Where have they all gone? Acura give us a new coupe!

  2. Acuraguy

    Only the NSX and ****MAYBE**** the Integra Type-R, the rest, please, don’t push it.

  3. Trung

    I think any year NSX would definintely be considered a classic. Type-Rs too since they are pretty rare.

  4. jimmy

    I say the 92-93 gsr not to many of them made 94 up gsr they sold millions…

  5. khan

    acura needs to bring back coupes.bring a super car like HSV010-gt in street version and also offer a true bmw m3 competitor in coupe form with 450hp and RWD.also offer a mid range sports car like s2000 in $30k to $40k price range.take Acura RL to next level with 450hp and $70k price.and finally offer acura integra replacement that is entry level.

  6. Binh

    khan wrote:

    acura needs to bring back coupes.bring a super car like HSV010-gt in street version and also offer a true bmw m3 competitor in coupe form with 450hp and RWD.also offer a mid range sports car like s2000 in $30k to $40k price range.take Acura RL to next level with 450hp and $70k price.and finally offer acura integra replacement that is entry level.

    Yes. It doesn’t take a genius to think of this marketing strategy. Yet the leaders at Honda/Acura headquarters have yet to get their act together after these past few dreadful years.

  7. Jasmine

    Anyone interested in a 87 automatic Acura Legend, with good body, 200,000 miles and still runs, May 2012 sticker, needs some work. Interior old. Located in Virginia Beach, VA.

  8. 4doorgsr

    jimmy wrote:

    I say the 92-93 gsr not to many of them made 94 up gsr they sold millions…

    You are an idiot.

    Acuraguy wrote:

    Only the NSX and ****MAYBE**** the Integra Type-R, the rest, please, don’t push it.

    you are also and idiot.

    This is about the car being recognized for what it is and its age. Far more separates a GSR from an rs or ls.

  9. Robert Woodford

    Great to hear the oild 4 door is now a collectors item.
    However, I have the first year model 2 door coupe of ’87.
    Still as hot as when I bought it 26 years ago !!!

  10. ACKIN UP

    The GS6MT is definitely a classic. It took me 18 years to find that car and with only 400 ever made, you can do the math. The Legend was well before its time and it is definitely a head turner as of today and years to come.

  11. Jan Smith

    I own a 1993 Acura Legend L, 2 door, 6 speed coupe that has 224,000+ miles on it and runs like brand new, however I let the body go, badly I must say, rust if you know what I mean and it needs a new trunk lid. I was thinking of getting rid of it but now I think I would like it refurbished. Is that possible considering the damage?

  12. R joe Harris

    I have a 95 legend coupe type ii, looking for an engine for her, I refuse to let her go even though Were having a hard time finding an engine. May just go reman

  13. Bill Spurrier

    I have a 1994 Acura Legend GS 6 speed with over 325,000 miles. She still runs but does burn oil and need to keep an eye on fluid levels. Have recently bought a MDX and would like to sell the Legend if anyone has an interest. Asking $900. Email me

  14. Jen

    Hi Acura fans my grandmother’s cherry red two door coupe cl from 1990 has 35,000 miles – yes you read that correctly. Everything in great condition, she loved that car. Who is interested? Thanks!

  15. Sean

    What about the First Generation TL? Those cars are 20 years old now. I wonder if I should hang on to mine. It’s a ’96.

  16. Tito

    Jen , hi , M interested in your Grandma’ s Legend ’89 .
    Text me at 512 – 574 – 8246 , Pls .
    Thanks , Tito .

  17. Michele Smollett

    Definitely hanging on to my 95 type II Legend Coupe with 56K original miles, mint! 5 more years to classic status! Love my Princess Baby Girl!

  18. Lori

    I am the proud original owner of a black 1993 Acura Integra GS with 131K original miles in excellent+ condition (garaged); passes emissions with flying colors, and the engine is clean. Interior is black leather, and the front seats have always been protected with sheepskin covers. The rear seats have never been used. I have always believed she would be deemed a classic. My hope is to find a collector that will care for her as much as I have, and I will likely seek out a collector in 2018 on her 25th birthday. Anyone know how to find collectors interested in Acuras?

  19. Marcia Griffin

    I have an old 1990 acura Legend with a V6 engine. The body has a bit of rust around the back tires, and it’s missing a couple of cosmectic pieces. The interior is decent, and the car has around 111,000 miles. Every mechanic who works on it, says that it’s a good car with strong engine. Thinking of selling it to finish my education. Is there a website for collectors looking to buy/sell?
    If so, could you please send me the details?
    Thanks for your time,
    Marcia Griffin

  20. Gary

    I have a 95 Acura Legend Coupe with 75K miles. Car is in excellent condition with the exception of a worn out power steering line (hose). Acura dealership doesn’t stock parts any longer. Any tips on where I can find a replacement (they looked into aftermarket as well)?

    May consider selling to certified Legend enthusiast with mechanical skills so I can ensure she stays on the road with someone who can better care for her than me.

    Please reply to my twitter account @tdream

    Any help greatly appreciated!

  21. Brian Rosenbach

    I have a 2001 Acura 3.2 CL. Good condition but the transmission needs service and I don’t have the time or the money to replace it. Would this classic car be some mechanic’s or car collectors dream? I have pictures and more details of the car if anyone is interested.

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