2013 Acura CSX Rendering

2013 Acura CSX Rendering

I came across these fun renderings of the Canadian market entry-level Acura CSX by Graphic Artist Theophilus Chin. Based off the recently revealed 2012 European Honda Civic hatchback, Theophilus did a great photoshop job reworking the rear and incorporating an Acura style grille to the front.

Though with 2011 being the last year of the Canadian CSX and the rumored “sub-TSX” being introduced next year to take its spot in the lineup, it’s unlikely a CSX model based on the Euro Civic would exist for 2013.

Enjoy the renderings and if you’re interested in more of Theophilus Chin’s handy work head over to www.theophiluschin.com for more.

2013 Acura CSX Rendering

 [Source: Theophilus Chin]

2 comments on “2013 Acura CSX Rendering

  1. Sebastien

    The 2011 canadian CSX has been removed from the canadian lineup this year. And the CSX should not be the nameplate for the next “sub-TSX” model.

  2. NBP04

    I can’t say I’m a huge fan of the new Euro Civic. Thankfully from what I have seen so far in the spy shots the new Acura hybrid might be looking pretty good.

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