2013 Acura TL Coupe Rendering

2013 Acura TL Coupe Rendering

It’s been a while since Acura has offered a sporty two-door coupe in its lineup; the last model being the Acura RSX discontinued in 2006. Before that there was the Acura CL which ended in 2003, the Acura Legend Coupe ceased in 1995, and we can’t forget the Acura NSX which was last built in 2005.

While there is still no word on when the drought will end, let’s take a moment to visualize the idea of an Acura TL Coupe. I took the current 2012 TL and chopped the doors, lowered the suspension and tweaked the front end to be a bit more aggressive. If they could shorten the dimensions and drop some pounds, I think it would be a great competitor to the G37 and even the 3-Series coupe variants. Not to mention it would inject a little more life into the sporty side of Acura.

What do you think of the Acura TL Coupe?

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18 comments on “2013 Acura TL Coupe Rendering

  1. Daryl

    Looks good but still a bit on the chunky side! It’s already pretty fast but it couldn’t hurt to lose some weight lol!

  2. Gary

    Wow — Build it now ! Acura needs an adult-sized coupe again. CL owners want an updated car.

  3. Dan

    YES YES YES I like the honda accord coupe, but it be nice to be more luxurious and sporty and I believe this is just the ticket…make it black or white with black interior fully loaded with a six speed and give me it

  4. Riski

    Awsome!..I need adult 2 door..since I have to gave up my 06 RSX to 07 TL ’cause we having a baby..now I want my 2 door back!..make manual too..even better.

  5. dean

    they need to make the chrome liniong end as the 2012 accord coupe does, tweek the grill till its perfect and fix the lower front bumper where the line indents frontwards.

  6. mark

    yes acura needs a new coupe. no it should not look like the picture shown. a fresh design is required in order for a coupe to be successful. the last cl design was right on the money for both looks and performance.
    .the new coupe should reflect both refined styling and strong performance. keep in mind that the buyers of these cars will be an older group who are not into off the wall designs. make the new car good looking and conservative and it will sell make it ugly as the current crop of acuras are and it will surely fail. you need look no further than the italian or jaguar/aston martin designs to get the idea.

  7. Nick Lauless and Don Pharaoh

    Yes, we think they should build it now, and consider a V6 hybrid version with super handleing all wheel drive that will put in in a market of its own. Sell with the only available option of navi starting at $38,900, navi 41, 090…///100.000 mile warranty, and 2 years service contract….Acura would make a killing on this car and have alot of repeat customers that probobaly wouldnt have even been in the market to get rid of their current Acura like use. We would consider trading in our 2005 TL with only 65k for this vehicle at that price…..I hope Acura gets this email and is listing….

  8. Tink

    I have been waiting a long time for Acura to bring back the CL or something very similiar. I currently have a 2003 CL Type S. This is my second one. I absolutely refuse to buy another coupe. There’s nothing else out there right now that sparks my attention. I Love my CL and would not trade it for anyhing else but another CL. I’m patiently waiting for Acura to make a comeback for the CL !!!!!

  9. Tink

    I agree with you about the last CL right on the money with looks and performance, many people see my car and think because its old that its slow, well wrong,wrong,wrong. Yes she is a 2003 but she still has a lot of power and I constantly have to show people that. @mark

  10. Gorb

    The big piece of grey plastic on the front grille is a peeve. I hope it has more head and leg room than the Civic.

  11. Jim

    I have a 2010 TL SH-AWD and I love it, yet I’ve been contemplating a coupe as of late, maybe an Audi A5. However, if Honda – Acura wakes up and makes a TL coupe with styling cues taken from the NSX concept, not only will I be a repeat customer, yet I believe owners of European coupes will join the fold.

  12. John

    The 2009+ TL looks heavy and ugly as hell. Test drove the SH-AWD and was quite disappointed and never turn back. Something has to change. I must say I love the interior design but the exterior looks ugly and heavy as fuukk. Time to change Acura!!!!

  13. Megan

    When is Acura gonna wake up? I had a 2001 CL type S and now own a 2009 TL only because they don’t have a coupe! Tired of waiting, now looking at the Mercedes E350… Come on Acura wake up!

  14. Jonathan.

    Should also produce a TL 2 door Sh-AWD 6spd advance tech. . It’s honda and if anyone can do it they can. A tl coupe would open an even broader market.

  15. KJ

    My Cl will be 15 years in November and has 245,000 miles. I have been holding out for a sporty Acura coupe.

  16. Beatriz

    I currently own a 97′ acura 3.0 cl premium and i LOVE IT..its fasr and a nice size. wish they bring it back. its and old car that still packs a punch.

  17. Gary

    My 10th anniversary as an Acura sales consultant is this August. It’s been more than 5 years since I posted the comment above. I’m still waiting for a coupe to be offered, Build it NOW !

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