Newest Powerball Millionaire Wants an Acura NSX

Powerball Winner Paul White Wants an Acura NSX

They say money changes people, but it’s not changing this man’s fine taste in cars. Paul White of Ham Lake, Minnesota has recently won an $86 million dollar share of the Powerball jackpot and he says a first generation Acura NSX is still at the top of his wish list.

When asked what his first purchase would be, White replied: “Acura makes this car, I used to have an Acura Integra back in 1988, I loved that little car. Well they made this car, I don’t think they make it any more but it’s called an NSX.”

“There’s this one on Craigslist I’ve been watching for a few months. And I think it’s thirty grand and it’s got like twelve thousand miles on it or something. It’s a 91 or a 92 or something like that. I’m going out there. I’m going to buy that car and I’m driving it back. Very slowly.” said White.

If Mr. White is looking to buy a brand new Acura NSX, he’ll have to wait another two years for the highly anticipated Sport Hybrid model. Until then, I’m sure a first generation NSX will do just fine as a daily driver.

See White’s press interview in the clip below.

[Source: USA TODAY]

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  1. Brad

    Looking at the new one doesn’t stir your soul like the original does. I am sure it will be quick, but Acura has to get away from that beak looking frontend. With it too many people will confuse it for the Audi R8.

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