Gallery: Acura Russia’s 2014 MDX

Acura Russia's 2014 MDX

Acura’s entry into the Russian market will start with just two models, the 2014 MDX and the 2014 RDX. According to a rough translation via their Facebook page, Acura will begin to sell the crossovers early in 2014, and will offer a sedan model later in the year.

Based on the posted photos, there are a few differences on the Russian MDX. The most notable addition is the presence of fog lights which appear on what seems to be the base model. Headlamp washers and roof rails may also come standard, and the genuine olive ash wood trim currently only offered on the Canadian Elite model is seen in the interior photos. There are also some subtle differences in the headlamps and tail lights.

[Source: Acura Russia via Facebook]

3 comments on “Gallery: Acura Russia’s 2014 MDX

  1. Alexei

    There is also ground clearance has been changed. For russian market it is 200 mm. And top speed increased from 193 kmh to 220 kmh.

  2. Alexei


    The are also some minor changes to brake system. I’ve got all specs but they are not confirmed by Acura Russia yet.

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