One comment on “Build Your Own 2014 Epson NSX CONCEPT-GT

  1. Oscar Aguirre

    Hi I am a Honda follower. I like the super gt competition but I am upset about the lack of information about this competition on Honda webpages. I have seen that Nissan and Lexus put to much attention on their webpage so their fans can follow what is happening at super gt but Honda is not. The link at the super gt webpage takes to a motorcycle competition and new japan car models. If I click the link of Honda at super gt I would expect the link to take me to Honda’s Super GT models and information. I hope Honda put more attention to this details as well as putting more videos on Youtube of more recent practices and results. Every time is frustrating trying to find out about the Honda work at Super GT but nothing is on the web. Hope some body at Honda or Acura put more attention to this. Thank you

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