Acura USA October 2016 Sales Report

Official release from Acura Media Newsroom:

Car and Truck Balance Continues to Power American Honda Sales in October

Nov 1, 2016 – TORRANCE, Calif.

  • American Honda trucks set new October sales record with both Honda and Acura trucks setting new October benchmarks
  • Honda CR-V has best-ever October sales
  • Honda Civic remains on pace for best annual sales in model history
  • Powering Acura’s October truck record, RDX also set a new October mark and MDX jumped 14.7 percent

American Honda Motor Co., Inc. today reported October sales of 126,161 Honda and Acura vehicles, a decrease of just 4.2 percent versus October 2015 reflecting two less selling days than a year ago. American Honda trucks set a new October record, gaining 2.1 percent while overall sales at the Honda Division dipped slightly, by 2 percent. Both Honda and Acura trucks enjoyed a brisk October pace, setting new records for the month with gains of 1.1 and 8.4 percent respectively.


Acura light trucks set a new October sales record, led by the redesigned MDX with a double digit gain, even with two fewer selling days in the month. RDX returned to its record ways, surpassing its previous best October (2015) for another new record. The new NSX supercar posted its best month to date as the Performance Manufacturing Center, the exclusive global home for the only supercar made in America, continues to work to meet demand for this customized model.

  • Acura trucks climbed 8.4 percent with sales of 8,996 to set a new October record.
  • The new MDX posted a gain of 14.7 percent on sales of 5,052 in October.
  • RDX had it best October in history, rising 1.4 percent on sales of 3,944 vehicles.

“With sales of the redesigned MDX continuing to gather strength and the all-new NSX earning the Road & Track 2017 Performance Car of the Year award, we are excited about the continued momentum of the Acura brand,” said Jon Ikeda, vice president and general manager of the Acura division. “We will continue to point Acura in a strong performance direction.”

American Acura Vehicle Sales for October 2016
Month-to-Date Year-to-Date
October October DSR** October October DSR**
2016 2015 % Chg. 2016 2015 % Chg.
Acura Division Total 12,869 16,079 -13.8% 132,596 148,098 -9.8%
ILX 999 1,860 -42.2% 12,746 15,218 -15.6%
NSX 67 0 0.0% 150 0 0.0%
RLX/RL 93 142 -29.5% 1,146 1,916 -39.7%
TL 0 1 -100.0% 0 87 -100.0%
TLX 2,714 5,777 -49.4% 31,254 40,585 -22.4%
TSX 0 3 -100.0% 4 35 -88.5%
MDX 5,052 4,405 23.5% 44,630 47,862 -6.0%
RDX 3,944 3,891 9.2% 42,666 42,393 1.4%
ZDX 0 0 0.0% 0 2 -100.0%
*** ILX Hybrid 0 0 0.0% 1 22 -95.4%
*** RLX Hybrid 13 14 0.0% 171 221 -22.0%
*** TSX Wagon 0 0 0.0% 0 2 -100.0%
Selling Days 26 28 255 257
* Honda and Acura vehicles are made of domestic & global sourced parts
** Daily Selling Rate
*** Memo line items are included in the respective model total

[Source: Acura]

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  1. boe

    Perhaps if they listened to their own customers instead of digging in with bad ideas their sedan sales wouldn’t be tanking. On their own forums people suggested dropping the beak the first day it was shown – it only took a decade of them being beaten with a 2×4 to drop the hideous beak. Now let’s make the interior a little more luxruy like – seems like a competitor for a Camry. And WTF is with the antiquated tech – how is it the Civic and Accord have better tech (not that their tech is cutting edge by any means). Lastly why not go after the most buyers- you’ve already reduced your choices to one sedan – why not have a S model for enthusiasts (bigger engine – strapping a band of metal to the trunk doesn’t make it a sports model). Have a hybrid model based on the Accord hybrid tech – good acceleration AND good MPG and last just a standard 4 cylindar for those looking for the cheapest model.

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