Custom Grille for the 2nd Generation Acura MDX

“Delete the beak” is a popular trend these days, but the 2007-2009 Acura MDX grille doesn’t quite qualify as a “beak”, does it? Nevertheless, MDX owner Mariano Reyes, created a custom grille based on the “diamond mesh” pattern found on current Acuras. The new grille combined with the facelifted front end, adds a modern touch to the classic MDX styling.

If you’re interested, message Mariano Reyes or check out the Acura MDX Owners and Enthusiasts Facebook group for more info.

[Source: Mariano Reyes]

2 comments on “Custom Grille for the 2nd Generation Acura MDX

  1. Jin S Park

    That’s looks great!
    Can you do my mdx same way?
    I want know it’s possible.
    Thank you.


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