De Agostini Japan Launches 1/8 Scale Model NSX Kit

You can’t actually drive it, but at 1/8 scale, this model kit from De Agostini Japan is the next best thing to a real NSX! 

Based on a 2019 Thermal Orange Pearl Honda NSX, it’s likely the largest scale-model NSX you can buy, measuring approximately 56 cm long, 24 cm wide and 15 cm high. There are incredible details throughout the car, but the coolest feature has to be the real working lights: the headlights, taillights, turn signals and brake lamp are all functional. It will also produce engine sounds based on which driving mode you select, using the nifty handheld remote which is styled like the NSX center console. 

Check out the videos below to see how it works:

How do you get to build one of these sweet NSXs? You’ll first need to buy a subscription which delivers scheduled “issues”. Each issue comes with a new set of parts and instructions that will ultimately come together as a complete NSX. An issue will cost you 1,790 Yen (approximately $16 USD), and there are 110 issues total. We’ll let you do the math.

For full details visit De Agostini Japan –

[Source: De Agostini Japan]