Video: The Season of Reason

Acura’s YouTube channel has added new videos of “The Season of Reason Sales Event”. These are similar to the “Driven by Reason” ads that ran a few months ago and continue to push the “smart luxury” theme. Personally I would have preferred more ads like the TSX Sport Wagon transformation video.

You can view more of the campaign ads on Acura’s YouTube Channel.

[Source: Acura via YouTube]

3 comments on “Video: The Season of Reason

  1. Lolly

    I think they’re targeting atheists. After all, “Season of Reason” is an atheist slogan.

    Considering the buying power Christians have in the United States and this slogan has the potential to offend everyone who abhors the seemingly condescending nature of the atheist groups that put up those “Season of Reason” billboards, I’m not sure this is the smartest marketing campaign for the current social climate.

  2. Wait, what?

    (Commercial voice-over): “In a season marked by overindulgence and overspending…”
    —umm, Mr. Acura Ad agency, there’s still a record number of people unemployed and hurting out there. Didn’t you get the memo? What about you guys in Acura Marketing that vetted their pitch? Shame, shame.

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