2013 Acura ILX to Go On-Sale May 25th, Pricing to Start at $27,000 (est)

2013 Acura ILX
2013 Acura ILX

Details on the 2013 ILX and RDX have been trickling in from the Acura media event being held in Arizona this week.

Sale dates have been officially confirmed by Acura:
• 2013 ILX to go on-sale May 25th, 2012
• 2013 RDX to go on-sale April 2nd, 2012

Jeff from Temple of VTEC has been sharing some of the information, still not officially confirmed by Acura.

Here are some key points from Jeff:
• 2.0L to start at $27,000 (est), 2.4L and 1.5L hybrid models to start at $30,000 (est)
• 2.0L engine has a balancer shaft, Acura says it delivers performance that matches TSX 2.4 5AT
• All ILX trim levels feature Amplitude Reactive Dampers for improved maneuverabilty and ride comfort
• To be built and sold in North America and exported to China
• From a “premium” standpoint, the ILX is a pretty clear step above the 9th generation Civics. This is from the standpoint of build quality, features, materials, and design details.
• The ILX body is composed of 62% high strength steel, with aluminum hood and and bumper beams to keep body weight as low as possible
• Between the 3 trim levels, there’s a surprisingly tight range of curb weights – the base 2.0L version is the lightest at 2910lb, while the Hybrid Technology model tops out the range at 2987lb, for a span of a mere 77lb. The 2.4 6MT model (only offered in Premium trim) weighs 2978lb.

For more coverage on the event, head over to Temple of VTEC.

[Source: Temple of VTEC]

3 comments on “2013 Acura ILX to Go On-Sale May 25th, Pricing to Start at $27,000 (est)

  1. Matt

    27,000 that’s a joke i’ve almost bought a new tsx for that price. 27,000 is not well under 30,000. I was holding out for this car think it would start around 24-25k. Too much money for what you get.

  2. Jay

    I don’t get how you think this is overpriced. It’s still a luxury car. All you’re doing is looking at specs on paper and not results. The 2.4 6MT is faster and quicker than the TSX because of its light weight and you get better mpg. You may have an argument for the base model being overpriced, but you can’t ask for a luxury sedan, especially from a brand like Acura to throw in everything and sell it for $25k. If so, then go buy a KIA.

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