57 comments on “Video: 2015 Acura TLX – My Way Extended Version

  1. name withheld

    This just might be the worst commercial ever……who is your target audience…..young punkers…. and what possessed you to use a punk version of a great song…..you blew it on this one……..unless maybe there is something brilliant that I am totally missing.

  2. Kathe Schofield

    Possibly the worst commercial I have ever seen. It is so irritating. Poorly done. I rarely comment on anything, but this is so very bad that it is worth the time.

  3. Denlin

    This commercial is terrible! Yea, it is a punk group,, but at least it could be in tune!!! We mute it when it comes on. Very irritating commercial!!

  4. Lanna

    This is the most irritating commercial I have ever heard! The singing is awful and off tune!!! I always have to hit the mute button whenever this commercial comes on. I thought I must e-mail you and let you know, and then I see that other people think the same thing. Just wanted to pass this on! Thanks for listening!

  5. Suzy notarianni

    This IS the worst commercial I’ve ever seen! I can’t imagine employing anyone to develop such a sick rendition of “My Way.” Everytime the ad airs, I mute it or switch to anything else!

  6. Thryne

    The representation chosen for this 2015 Acura TLX commercial is horrible. The only word that I can recognize in this song is “Way” and that’s only after learning that it is based on the song “My Way.” This car is too classy to be presented to the public in this fashion. Thank you for allowing this forum to share opinions!

  7. NBP04

    Wow so many complaints. I think the commercial is awesome. The song has energy and attitude which is what they were going for!

  8. Not My Way

    Most. Annoying. Commercial. Ever.

    Cannot imagine this went through a focus group.

  9. jack g

    whata you mean possibly….It is the worst ever. ITS A CHANNEL CHANGER every time it comes on I CHANGE CHANNELS. its like a kid running his finger nails down a blackboard.

  10. Arthur

    I actually loved the song choice immediately…but then I was a bit of a punk rocker. I’m only 28 though!

  11. Mike A

    Acura owner since 1986. Love the ad! Love the car! Like the Seinfeld ads also. I think you got it this time.

  12. Mary M

    Annoying, terrible commercial. Bless the Mute Button.
    Subjecting listeners to this atrocity must turn off a lot of people to that car. Makes me angry to hear it.

  13. Bernard Beninger

    What was your ad agency thinking using a terrible punk remake of My Way to re brand the ilx? And then your marketing team ok’s it? This is the worst commercial I have ever seen. I’m embarrassed for for every one who’s hard work has made Acura a leader in the industry.

  14. Janice Glatt

    Yep, by far the WORST commercial ever. Butchered a great song and causes one to change the channel immediately!

  15. Debbie Winters

    @Mike A One of the advertising “execs” huh? LOL!

    @NBP04 “Energy”, “Attitude”? LOL! No talent and exactly why punks can’t get jobs.

  16. Jean Rossman

    Extended Version? I would prefer a much, much shorter version, like none at all. This commercial grates on my nerves. You need a new ad agency.

  17. Tom Lee

    I like the Video but the drunk college kid you got to sing the song is TERRIBLE. He massacred a great song. I now change channels when it come on.

  18. M Ricci

    What a beautiful car but why are you demoralizing this car with this music. This music is crap, crap, crap. Do you think people would buy this car by showing this car with this music, answer is NO. If you are to use the song, My Way, use it as it originally done with taste just like the car was made with taste.

  19. Mike

    Worst song ever for a commercial. . Sounds like Corky, from Our House, trying to sing.

  20. JRob

    This is the most irritating Commercial Ever! I change the channel every time it comes on. I rarely post comments on this, but felt compelled because this commercial is soooo BAd!

  21. melissa

    Not a bad commercial…except for the terrible noise they chose for “music”… And I actually like punk music…but that commercial makes me change the channel or hit mute.. For goodness sakes…take this commercial off the tv.

  22. pixie

    Wow …really ignorant bunch to bad mouth such an iconic band as The Sex Pistols …apparently your life is pretty limited to waste your time bad mouthing a commercial that has used a punk legend band that has made more money in its 2 yrs it was officially a band then half you will make in a lifetime …LOVE THIS COMMERCIAL ….LONG LIVE PUNK

  23. pixie

    NBP04 wrote:

    Wow so many complaints. I think the commercial is awesome. The song has energy and attitude which is what they were going for!

    you know ur stuff…screw this pompous yuppie assholes

  24. Bryanna Smiley

    OMG worst commercial EVER!!!!! Every time it comes in I change it because the song is absolutely horrible! Frank Sinatra is rolling in his grave a million times over! ????????

  25. turkman71

    So sad about everyone hating the punk version of the song ‘My Way”…wow you guys are old farts!

  26. turkman71

    They should have a follow up ad featuring ‘Punk’s Not Dead’ just to piss off more of you! Lol…

  27. McVStar

    I think people are missing the point: take a well known song and redo it from the ground up…Is it what Acura did with the TLX? And it is what is shown on the clip. I am not a fan of punk music but i find the song uptempo reflecting the state of mind one finds when a team is developing a new product and despite all of this you must all admit that the TLX is a beauty to look at specially in the last sequence in normal day driving. One can always turn the volume down if they get offended by the music. Just for everyone info and I am close to 60 and not into punk music but it does not prevent me from listening to the commercial.

  28. Cathy

    If you want someone to buy your product, don’t use an incredibly irritating song. I turn the station every time thus comes on. Fire your advertising person.

  29. Sherri Richburg

    This tops the list in awful commercials. You have a great car why would you ruin the impression of it with this noise, I certainly would not even call it music. Please find a better version of the music or do it silent, I change the channel every time it comes on.

  30. RobinTampa


    I hardly ever pay attention to commercials. Using the Sex Pistol’s version of “My Way” was genius.

  31. Victoria Quintanilla

    HATE IT. Reach for the mute button every single time that garbage comes on. And to the commenter who thinks weare old farts-yep, we are. So is Sid Vicious by now. Little history lesson: punk was at its height in the 1970s, so the old farts are the ones who made this crap popular in the first place

  32. pixie

    Tom Lee wrote:

    I like the Video but the drunk college kid you got to sing the song is TERRIBLE. He massacred a great song. I now change channels when it come on.

    Drunk college kid ???? Sid Vicious HAS Been dead since 1979

  33. pixie


    Love this commercial !!!!! soooo hope they make more . Didn’t no so many old grumpy ppl had access to a computer an knew how to leave comments lol … There must be a Lawrence Welk channel that has no commercials LMSOOO

  34. Anjanette

    Exactly! Finally somebody gets it! I’ve loved punk rock all my life and this is a classic. I hate how people can be so narrow minded but it’s not like Sid Vicious ever cared about what people thought of his music anyway. I think it’s funny how all these people get their panties in a bunch whenever something breaks the norm. @NBP04

  35. Anjanette

    turkman71 wrote:

    They should have a follow up ad featuring ‘Punk’s Not Dead’ just to piss off more of you! Lol…

    Good one!

  36. Pablo G

    Absolutely awesome music! First time in a long time I’ve replayed a commercial just to hear the song.

    BTW, I’m in my mid 50’s.

  37. Nancy Campbell

    I want to pull the plug everytime this comes on. It is honestly the most annoying commercial that I have ever had to listen to. I’m sorry, I do appreciate punk music, but what in the world is the point?

  38. orbiters

    Brilliant, bloody brilliant. Sid Vicious’ cover is one of the greatest. Melding it with a new Acura is a stroke of genius. The rest of you, go play your Kenny G and buy a freaking Audi.

  39. Donald Vining

    I know you think you are addressing a young segment of viewers that for some reason think Sid Vicious is a notable entertainer, but you are in fact offending many who simply believe they have a right not to have this noise confront them in their own living rooms! I can’t believe there are many (if any at all) people who will buy your cars because of this commercial. Personally whenever I hear it, I change the station.

  40. Carolyn F

    Think it’s great that some people love this Sid Vicious tune, and to them I would say . .. enjoy! However, as this is a commercial made to appeal to a certain demographic in an effort to sell the product I have to agree with the majority who find it grating and annoying. As some one else mentioned, I am one of those who grew up in the 70’s and helped make many artists of that era successful. In spite of my AARP age, I still enjoy many different types of old and current music and most believe I am much younger than I am. That said, I find the music so annoying, distracting and discordant that I can’t listen to it. I politely suggest that my husband & I are the demographic that Acura is trying to appeal to and the music bothers me so much I can’t pay attention to the car and its details. Based on just the small sample of people on this page, it looks like the ‘hate its’ outnumber the ‘love its’ by over 10 to 1 . . . if the 90% are most of the audience Acura wants to consider buying their vehicle, then the commercial is a waste of time and money. So Acura . . . who is the demographic you are trying to appeal to? The MSNBC watchers where you are airing it or???

  41. chris

    I thoroughly enjoy punk rock but this song is just terrible. Its just awful, enough said.

  42. McVStar

    I don’t think people purchase a car because of a commercial. The purpose of a commercial is to get notice for good or for bad, the importance is to grab someone attention and based on the comments posted I would say mission accomplished…now as far as drawing statistics based on the feedback on this post…I would not be so quick because of the limited number of people viewing this site and one has to takeinto account that only a few people will post their appreciation of the ad.

  43. seb12345

    Please make it stop! I don’t mind the upbeat music, but the lyrics are irritating and annoying. We reach for the mute, change the channel or just try to block it out until it is done. Unfortunatly, on the channel that we have on in the office this commercial airs 10+ times a day. Not the response you were looking for, but at least you are getting a response…

  44. Chey Jacob

    Actually the purpose of the commercial is to build a brand in a favorable and memorable way. This is more like brand deconstruction. @McVStar

  45. Gina

    The song is so horrible I turn the channel when this commercial comes on. It stinks that a good song is ruined by a bad singer (Sid). Satire and all that aside, I appreciate when a song is performed well, with class. This commercial is the opposite of that.

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