Motor Trend: Acura NSX vs Audi R8 Design Comparison

When the NSX Concept first debuted in 2012 we heard a lot of people say it looked like an Audi R8. Some went so far as to say it was a “copy” of the first-generation R8. Personally, I never saw the resemblance. Since then, both cars have received major styling updates that have made each considerably more distinct, yet still recognizable as an evolution of its last iteration.

Tom Gale examines the latest designs of these two mid-engined competitors and shares his thoughts in a recent feature from Motor Trend:

“Both cars demonstrate amazing packaging and mechanicals that would make any designers’ task exciting given such great proportions to work with.  And even though the packages are similar, the design philosophies and the vehicle gestures are different enough to result in significantly different statements.” – Tom Gale, Motor Trend

See the full feature at – Acura NSX vs. Audi R8: A Design Comparison.

[Source: Motor Trend]