Video: “A teacher who love the NSX!”

Is this man the biggest NSX fan in the world? Akihiro Umino is featured in Honda Japan’s “Me and Honda” series for his unique love for the NSX:

“Akihiro Umino teaches machinery design at a technical high school in Aichi prefecture. His passion for the NSX runs deep, so deep, in fact, that he has filled his whole house with NSX paraphernalia (with his wife’s understanding of course…)!”

And if his extensive collection of scale NSX cars isn’t enough to crown him the “world’s biggest NSX fan”, maybe his full size NSX “mockup” will:

“Initially, when I started this project, people said that I was just playing around and wasting time. That was very tough and I felt bitter about it. Sometimes, the stress was so intense that it felt like a blood vessel in my brain would burst. However, I began this project with the best of intentions, namely my students, in mind and that effort has turned out rewards many times over.”

Check out the 40-second feature on Akihiro Umino in the video below.

[Source: Honda Japan via YouTube]