Video: Acura Type S Concept – First Look

The initial images of the Acura Type S Concept look amazing, but we feel it’s going to look even better in person, judging from walkaround video from Kelly Blue Book:

“If ‘Precision Crafted Performance’ is part of your mission statement, you’d better have something in the line up to back that up. Welcome back the Type S from Acura. Just a concept now, Acura promises that performance products, starting with the second-get TLX, are coming. Based on how this thing looks, we can’t wait.” – Kelly Blue Book

Check out the video below:

[Source: Kelly Blue Book via YouTube]

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  1. Réjean

    J’aimerais l’interieur
    J’ai une 2016 je vais changer pour une 2021 quand vas-t’on l’avoir au Canada

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