Snapshots: Acura Type S Concept Debut in Monterey

It’s a big week for Acura as they unveil their sexy new Type S Concept in Monterey. Check out the coverage from Monterey Car week courtesy Tyson Hugie, May Lee and Eric Iwasaki.

Acura Type S Concept at Monterey Car Week

Thursday, August 15 – World premiere reception
Friday, August 16 –  Public debut at The Quail, a Motorsports Gathering
Sunday, August 18 – Showcase at Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance

[Source: Tyson Hugie – Drive to Five, NSXCA‘s May Lee, Eric Iwasaki]

3 comments on “Snapshots: Acura Type S Concept Debut in Monterey

  1. Dustin

    Is one of these people Ben Davidson, as mentioned in the press release as the chief designer?

  2. James

    Dear Acura, if you don’t make a 2-door coupe version of the Type S,(as it’s predecessor had a 2-door variant), I’m going to your competition. They have 2-door coupes, period.


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