This Thermal Orange Sportfishing Yacht is 500 HP of Honda Power

Looking for a new toy to pair with your Thermal Orange NSX? Look no further than SanJuanYachts’ new SJ32 prototype. Like the NSX, this luxury sportfishing yacht is powered by Honda – two VTEC-equipped Honda BF250s engines give the SJ32 a combined total of 500 horsepower. The prototype also features a custom Thermal Orange paint scheme, just like the one currently available for the NSX.

The cost? “The all-new SJ32 models are expected to range from $300,000 through $450,000, depending on the level of customization required by customers for exteriors, interiors, propulsion/auxiliary systems, navigation, paint/finish, electronics, and commissioning items.” According to Automobile Magazine, the partnership with Honda means that you can actually customize your SJ32 with the full range of NSX colors available.

Matching NSX and yacht? Yes, please!

[Source: Automobile Magazine]