Roger’s 1991 NSX Daily Driver

Having a first-generation Acura NSX as a daily driver isn’t unheard of – it’s often referred to as the “everyday supercar” after all. Driving an NSX year-round in Alberta, Canada? Well that’s a whole different story.

Roger’s NSX was recently seen driving around in typical Alberta winter weather: sub -25°C / -13°F temperatures in snowy/icy conditions. We reached out to Roger and confirmed that yes, he does drive his NSX all season long:

“The car is a 1991. 5 speed with manual steering rack Canadian car. It currently has approximately 150,000 kms. It still had the analog phone in the center console and all the hardware for it when I purchased it from a private sale in 2013.  It has a Westside Acura decal on the car so I assume it has been in Edmonton it’s whole life as they are a local dealership.

The tires I am using are Kumo WP71 245-40-17 and WP51 215-45-16 winter tires on factory rims that I painted flat black. In the Summer I have a set of Alex Zanardi rims.”

Roger, we at Acura Connected, salute you. Drive safe out there!