Acuras Spotted in Thor Movie Trailer

Thor © Marvel

Anyone who stuck around after the credits of Iron Man 2 was treated with a bonus scene revealing Thor’s mighty hammer Mjolnir. If that’s not exciting enough for you, you should have noticed the vehicle driven by the agent was a black debadged Acura ZDX.

Rumor has it that several Acura vehicles were seen in the new Thor trailer that was unveiled at this past weekend’s Comic-Con. Unfortunately any recorded videos of the trailer that made its way online have been quickly removed by Marvel.

If the rumor is true I would think Acura has spent some marketing dollars for this movie and we hopefully get to see an actual Acura logo. No word yet on when the official trailer will be released.

UPDATE July 29 10:30 AM: Another round of trailers have been leaked and I was able to download one. The agents are back with a small convoy of black Acura MDXs and a black ZDX – logos intact. There are some nice shots of both vehicles including a short interior clip.

You can still view the trailer at Moviefone for the time being but if you can’t wait, check out the screenshots below.

[Source: Acura_Insider, Moviefone, Marvel]

3 comments on “Acuras Spotted in Thor Movie Trailer

  1. Mark 08 TL

    They released the video game trailer today but there really wasn’t much of anything in it.bring on the movie trailer!

  2. Roby

    is that an ZDX interior? getting coffee spilled then gettting blown up… thats straight up Acura abuse!


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