Acura TL images from Acura China

Acura TL from Acura China's Website

 While the Acura brand has been around in North America for 25 years now, it was only in 2006 that it made its debut in the Chinese market. Initially launching with the RL and TL, they have since expanded their current lineup with the addition of the MDX in 2007.

I took some time to explore Acura China’s site and compiled a few images of the TL. Aside from the clear turn signals, the Chinese TL also has a slightly different front bumper(Thanks Alexander!). There is a ridge that extrudes forward out a few inches below the headlights and under the grill. It’s a bit more obvious when you compare the two side by side in the graphic below.

CDM TL(left) vs USDM TL(right) Bumper Comparison

The Chinese TL also offers a different front underbody spoiler in their sport package.

Acura China TL Sport Package

 In case you were wondering, the fellow in a few of the images is Chinese singer, film actor, and producer Andy Lau. Andy has been associated with many of Acura China’s endorsements and can be seen in television ads and at Acura events.

[Source: Acura]

8 comments on “Acura TL images from Acura China

  1. Dean

    Wow, really like the first photo. That’s a nice angle of the TL. The sport lip looks a bit odd though, it doesnt really match the angles of the rest of the car.

  2. Dale 09 TL

    The clear turn lights look good. That is a great photo though, I think it’s just the reflection of the sky but the color of the car almost looks purple.

  3. Alexander

    Did you not notice that the front bumper is ENTIRELY different? Look underneath the headlights and grill – it extends outward, on the USDM TL the entire front face is flush with the grill/headlights. This may be part of a larger front crash bar to meet government certifications – just a guess.

  4. Dale 09 TL

    Ha! didnt notice the bumper either! I’m not really sure which I prefer more, but I’m leaning towards the CDM bumper. I love that first photo.

  5. Michael Adhi

    Really nice, I saw a few TL on my last trip to Shenzhen… Not so much as Porsche, Mercedes or BMW, but seeing one and you know it’s an Acura, very distinct and sharp designs. When I saw Andy Lau endorsing the TL on a billboard made me want to move to China, but alas language barrier.

  6. TJ

    Did any also notice that this is a 2WD TL with the AWD front bumper. Also is it just me or do the openings look different. They almost look smaller and with different inserts.

  7. Dodolaje

    Wow remind me of Acura/Honda Legend ad they use Harrison Ford. Nice using Andy Lau for the ad


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