2009 Acura TSX – Long-Term Road Test

2009 Acura TSX © Car and Driver

“Sophomore, Sans Slump: Could the second generation possibly be as satisfying as the first?” 

The editors at Car and Driver were quite fond of the first generation Acura TSX but were they equally impressed with the new second generation? Find out what they thought about their 2.4-liter Vortex Blue Pearl 2009 TSX after a year with the vehicle. 

View Car and Driver’s long term review and photo gallery at caranddriver.com

[Source: Car and Driver]

One comment on “2009 Acura TSX – Long-Term Road Test

  1. Michael Adhi

    That paint detailing is awesome… That’s a one year car? I couldn’t even make my car that shiny by myself. I once drove a 2004 Honda Accord Euro, and boy it really is fun to drive. Everything just clicks, from the engine to the suspension to the interior design even the backseat is nice. Compared to my dad’s 2004 Honda Accord, that car feels like a boat, big and driven hard it’s like a boat compared to the Accord Euro.


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