2012 Acura TSX Coupe Rendered Speculation

2012 Acura TSX Coupe Rendered Speculation

There has recently been some talk on the net about a possible Acura TSX Coupe or TSX-based Coupe originating from an autoweek.com story. Though it states Acura has no official plans to build it, we can all still wonder how it would look. 

I did a quick two hour photochop of the current TSX and removed the rear doors. Aside from the poor job I did on the rear quarter panels, I think it turned out alright. Perhaps a few minor styling upgrades to give it a more sportier look than the sedan and we might have a winner. Though I speak of the design only, I’m sure everyone has their wish list of things the TSX Coupe should have.

I also found another good photoshopped TSX Coupe from a AcuraZine thread a few months back. If someone knows who created it let me know. 

Acura TSX Coupe Rendered Speculation


8 comments on “2012 Acura TSX Coupe Rendered Speculation

  1. 2010 Accord

    Nice photoshop! It doesn’t look bad at all. If this had AWD I might consider it. A V6 SH AWD Acura Coupe… I like the sound of that.

  2. V Spec

    Yeah I kind of like this. The Autoweek article is a bit sketchy though. “The sedan version of the TSX offers awd and a V6 option.” umm no. And what does it mean that Acura is considering it, but has no plans. You can say they are considering a new NSX too but so far no plans lol.

  3. Anthony

    I love the look of this.
    Could be sold all over the world as the Honda Accord Euro coupe.

  4. Phil

    The Acura TSX is a really nice mid-size sedan, I would be very excited to see a coupe version come out. With the new body style that just dropped I’m sure it would look amazing.

  5. chazbo

    This would be essentially the same car as the Honda Accord EX-6 Coupe. But until they get rid of that buck-toothed grill, nothing is going to go well for any new Acura.

  6. Vincent

    No offense guys but there would truly be no point at all in this. I’m a proud owner of both the 1st and 2nd generation Cl’s. If Acura should bring back a coupe at all they should bring back the Cl. Truly a great vehicle offering the perfect combination of luxury and performance. Reading this is just upsetting to think Acura was so foolish as to have discontinued such an awesome vehicle! I refuse to purchase another Acura based solely on this.


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