2011 Acura TSX to get Mid-Cycle Refresh?

2010 Acura TSX

 Acura has so far released the details for the 2011 RDX, MDX and TL with no major changes. 

There have been some rumors of minor changes to the 2011 TSX, but today Acura’s Twitter account Acura_Insider has stated it will be a mid-cycle refresh. 

“Yes, ’11 TSX sedan will hv a mid-cycle refresh 2 inc. changes to exterior styling, powertrain & tech upgrades. On-sale=late fall.” 

The fully redesigned second generation TSX was just released in 2009 and has had fairly consistant sales, up 7.7% so far over last year. 

[Source: Acura_Insider]

3 comments on “2011 Acura TSX to get Mid-Cycle Refresh?

  1. Honduh

    From acurazine:

    “Acura fans familiar with the TSX will immediately notice the 2011 edition’s new wheels, crisper front fascia (including a new grille and front-bumper design) and revised rear taillights. Two new exterior colors join the range as well: Gray Metallic and Silver Metallic. In its accommodating but businesslike cockpit, the base TSX adds new wood trim on the center console and, sure to please passengers riding in back, rear air-conditioning vents. The TSX with Technology Package includes even more, such as metal trim on the center console and a revised navigation system, as well as a Hard Disk Drive (HDD) that stores both navigation data and digital music files (the drive replaces the previous six-disc CD changer).”

  2. rodan

    I’m sure it looks like the wagon. The TSX got an early MMC last time too bc it is based off the Euro Accord which comes out before the TSX

  3. Mark79

    Please I hope they don’t put the Sport wagon front bumper on the sedan. I think it looks weird. I like the current grill over the Sport Wagon too.


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