2011 Honda Legend/Acura RL Details

2011 Honda Legend

Honda Japan has recently released some details on the 2011 Honda Legend which should carry over to the 2011 Acura RL.  

The RL is expected to be the first sedan in the Acura line up to receive the 6-speed automatic transmission. Currently the MDX and ZDX are the only vehicles which have a 6-speed.  

Other additions include new 18 inch wheels equipped with wheel resonators or silencers to reduce in-cabin noise and a new navigation display/system.

[Source: Honda | Image Source: Temple of VTEC]

2 comments on “2011 Honda Legend/Acura RL Details

  1. Dan K

    The Honda grill looks SO much better than the Acura grill. It actually looks classy and can match the looks of the LS. The Acura grill just looks silly, they need to fix this for 2012!

  2. Quinton Turner

    I have always favored the Honda Legend grille vs the Acura RL grille since the redesign. Also to my understanding for 2011 the Acura RL and the Honda Legend should actually look quite different from its 2010 predecessor. This can be seen by the trend for the Acura Legend or RL to undergo a mid-season change during its 4 to 5 year line up, and during the last two years after it has been tweaked it is redesigned totally. SO let’s hold our breathes guys and girls and hope for the best.


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