Acura Canada Launches New Website

Acura Canada –

Acura’s Canadian website recently refreshed their layout with an all new design.

The newest iteration of uses mostly HTML/CSS to build it’s pages rather than the all-flash site of the previous version; eliminating the initial loading time and enhancing site navigation.

Another great thing about the new design is all the information that is packed into the landing page of each model. Along with the model overview is a break down of the different available packages with pricing and a brief description. Of course there are also easy-to-find links to your usual goodies like gallery, specifications, reviews and more.

Check out the new design and all its features at


2 comments on “Acura Canada Launches New Website

  1. Quy 403

    I noticed the new site this weekend. Way better than the old one. The flash images on the home screen are pretty huge though.

  2. King D

    Nice site. I think I prefer it over the american one. I do find some pages a bit long to load though.


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