2011 Acura RL Gallery

2011 Acura RL

Here are a few images released by Acura of the refreshed 2011 RL. Exterior changes include a slightly updated grill similar to the 2011 TSX and new 18 inch wheels.

[Source: Acura]

5 comments on “2011 Acura RL Gallery

  1. Scott

    I like the new grill, but still hate the bottom bumper. I’ve always hated how that middle bump is so narrow.

  2. BLAH

    A nice change, but will the new grille and 6 speed have any affect on sales for this vehicle? I doubt is. Acura needs to bring in the next gen fast and get it right.

  3. Dan K

    Better than the old grill, but I STILL think the Honda Legend Grill is nicer. Compare the 2 and tell me what looks more “luxury”.

  4. Michael Adhi Nugroho

    I never liked Acura “shield grill” a.k.a power plenum, it distract my eyes from the Acura logo. I would prefer Honda minimize the chrome portion and delete the upper thicker part of the grille that causes the bucktooth effect. Just do a huge logo dead center with mesh/honeycomb background surrounded by chrome lines.

    Back to the RL.

    To me, the RL design is just boring, period. Put this side by side to TL and it’s no competition. For a premium brand, the car’s design should be evocative if not provocative and still retains a uniqueness. The Infiniti line bulging hood/fender gives it a muscular stance while Lexus simple lines with large metal sheets made it look expensive. Acura straight edges looks good on the ZDX, MDX, RDX, and TL, basically all the originally designed Acura. The TSX is okay, but the RL is just way off, still too much Honda curves and less Acura edges.

    Honda should let Acura designs the TSX and RL then rebadge it to Accord Euro and Legend, not the other way around like it is today.

  5. NBP04

    @Michael Adhi Nugroho
    The RL does look a little dated. It’s hard to believe the new design has only been around for 2 years. It can look good in some angles, but just nasty in others.

    I wonder why the acura designers didn’t do more to it. Did they think it was fine just swapping the grille or were they just trying to save money?


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