Acura China’s MDX Sport Upgrades

Acura MDX China

While the Acura grill(e) is getting toned down in North America, it just got a bit bigger in China.  

It would seem Acura China’s MDX Sport package will include a larger “double-bar front grille” along with other goodies(translated by Google):  

• Double-bar front grille
• Wide-mouth grille extension strength
• Flat width to increase fog
• Sport-specific 19-inch ten-spoke wheels
• Resolute front bumper air
• Angular rear bumper
• The new design of the roof beams without chrome luggage rack  

The larger grill and the rest of upgrades add an agressive style to the MDX which I must say looks pretty good.

Acura’s trademark front grill seem to work well on the MDX and RDX in America with great year end sales results for 2010.  

[Source: Acura]

3 comments on “Acura China’s MDX Sport Upgrades

  1. GoJets

    Oddly enough I think the bigger grille and front end look good. I’ve always thought the MDX was the best looking of Acura’s lineup and I wish the RDX looked more similar – almost like a mini MDX. Currently the RDX just doesn’t appeal to me.

  2. Khan

    The top bar on the grille seems like a glued on afterthought…it introduces an odd misalignment with the top of the headlamps which is unnecessary…absolute fail…


    The 2010 MDX with Mugen Pkg sold in China is abs. fantasitc but not selling well!!!

    These MDXes are also made in Canada, but Canadian specificationed MDXes are providing the higher prices but painer looking than the States and China markets.

    CD$1 = US$1.05 now;
    Canada Acura CSX = Asia Civic;
    Canada’s Acura are 20% more expensive than the US…

    Cannot stand what the Canadian Acura thinks?!

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