Driving Sports TV Pilot: Evo X MR vs. S4 vs. TL SH-AWD

“The team compares three all-wheel drive sedans: the Audi S4, Mitsubishi Evolution MR and Acura TL with SH-AWD. The three cars are then raced for time at the historic Maryhill Loops Road.”

This is the full segment of the Acura TL drift teaser clip I posted last month. It’s no Top Gear, but its got some decent cinematography and visuals. Not to mention a surpisingly quick time trial finish for the TL.

[Source: Driving Sports]

5 comments on “Driving Sports TV Pilot: Evo X MR vs. S4 vs. TL SH-AWD

  1. TOM

    The TL got the fastest time even after he practically stalled it? Seems a bit off…. these guys can’t drive.

  2. Michael Adhi Nugroho

    @TOM I commented on the Youtube channel and I got a good reply. Basically, it boils down again to power delivery of naturally aspirated engine versus boosted engine. With all those tight turns, force induction engine is at disadvantage, Mitchi turbo needs to spool ever so often while the S4 seems to be very limited by its traction control.

    So credit where it’s due. On level race track, the Acura TL will get an anal rape from both cars, but on a twisty roads, seems the engine and SH-AWD really does some magic.

  3. TOM

    Makes sense I guess. For some reason I thought the Evo had a major weight advantage but they are closer than I thought. Acura should build a sports coupe with SH AWD, Im thinking it could do some major damage.

  4. Jay

    “The TL was picked because we couldn’t get a 335xi from the press fleet (they didn’t have any). The BMW was our first choice for that third slot.” – drivingsports

    Since the TL kicked ass let’s see a TL vs 335xi vs (AWD).

  5. Daryl

    Yes, TL vs 335xi would be a great comparison. Tell then to do it! TL would get huge props if it were to win.


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