10 comments on “Rumor: New Acura RSX in the Works?

  1. Vern Southard

    Very cool looking car. Acura should put a new RSX on the market again, with a turbo 4cylinder, also a V6 option,
    and offer the car in both automatic with sport shift and paddle shifters, and a six speed manual option. AWD with Acura torque vectoring would a good option for areas with challenging weather conditions.

  2. Frustrated acura fan

    When I heard the news Acura might bring back the RSX, I was THRILLED. But then I thought, dear god, what if they just rebadge a Civic, slap on a shield grill, add some chrome and call it a day. If this rendering is any bit acurrate, Why can’t acura ALEAST change the sheetmetal. I’m not even asking for acomplete redesign, just change the GODDAMN sheet metal so it doesn’t look like/resemble the civic. I don’t care how expensive it is. Look what rebadging has done to Acura. Lexus atleast makes the effort to change the sheet metal or use a different platform, and they’ve completely destroyed Acura in the market. Please stop this shameless rebadging. I’ve been a loyal buyer of two generation for ten years. I’m considering a new car in the next few years, but if the RSX resembles/has the same greenhouse, or sheetmetal as the civic, I’m calling it a day and moving on to the Germans or some other luxury brand.

    I’ve always defended Acura when people bad mouthed them, even defending the TL (the grille and rear aren’t even as bad as people make it out to be). But it’s getting a little tiring when the company you’re fanboying for is contantly dissapointing you. In the words of Acura enthusiasts everywhere, STEP UP UP YOUR F**KING GAME ACURA AND SHOW LEXUS, INFINITI, AND HYUNDAI HOW IT’S DONE.

  3. dan

    amen….at least with the previous gen TSX they made a new interior but now the TSX is the exact same effing care as the Euro Accord….i do feel acura has always done its own thing but this rebadging and not changing a thing but some emblems and charging premium prices needs to stop….@Frustrated acura fan

  4. Frustrated Acura Fan

    I hear ya. This whole cost cutting thing, rebadging, and marketing Acura as an affordable/economical/smart luxury brand is digging their grave.

  5. Smile

    On the side of the vehicle, it seems to be the new 2012 Civic… excepting this part of the car, I think this is nice… can’t wait to see it next year.

  6. Gina

    I am a loyal Acura owner who has been just waiting for Acura to produce a sporty coupe with nice lines. Give those of us who loved our old CLS or RXD a reason to come back to Acura.

  7. ray

    you couldnt of said it any better i own an 06 rsx type s and its a solid car but it can easily of been 260 hp without a turbo and awd would be nice

  8. Karo

    I had one for 7 yrs and loved it.
    Can’t understand why we don’t have new models in Canada, yet, this prototype is UGLY!!!
    The Type S RSX was such a beautiful car.

  9. jose

    I hope they make it turbo and faster than the new 2015 civic type r cause if it come whit the 2014 civic motor for dat I keep my rsx type s

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