Acura Celebrates Five Years in China

Acura China

While Acura celebrates its 25th year anniversary as a brand in North America, it has only been 5 years since Acura was introduced to the Chinese market.

Acura China first launched in 2006 and has experienced steady growth with dealerships now present in major cities and core areas all over the country. Originally launching with the TL and RL, its lineup has since expanded to include the MDX and soon the ZDX by the end of 2011.

Have a look at Acura’s 5 years in China with a mini timeline of model history:

[Source: Acura China]

2 comments on “Acura Celebrates Five Years in China

  1. NBP04

    Nice to see Acura take on the huge Chinese market. I think the TL and MDX are great vehicles that can compete with some of the best luxury models in its category.

  2. tsx69

    Does anyone have actually numbers? I often wonder how they’re doing over there. If I’m not mistaken, China loves Buick & the Germans but Acura & Lexus do not fare as well.


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