Acura Canada 25th Anniversary Commercials

Acuras on a test track, engines revving and helicopters. What more could you want in an Acura commercial?

The pair of ads are currently running to promote Acura’s 25th Anniversary in Canada. Head over to for more information on the special sales incentives.

There’s also a neat mini slideshow showcasing some of Acura Canada’s achievments in the last 25 years. Check it out here: 25 years in Canada

[Source: Acura Canada, Harmony Acura via YouTube]

4 comments on “Acura Canada 25th Anniversary Commercials

  1. Diane

    Anybody know the name of the actor driving the Acura in the commercial? He looks familiar and it’s “driving” me crazy that I can’t figure it out!

  2. TobyJC


    lol, I like your pun. Are you sure he is a famous actor? Maybe he just reminds you of one? Not too sure if a famous actor would appear in a Canada Acura commercial.


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