2013 Acura RSX Prototype Spied?

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The rumors look to be true – Acura is bringing us an all new “sub-TSX” model. Though not officially named yet, the camouflaged Acura prototype referred to as the “new RSX” was caught on camera by Brenda Priddy and Company this past weekend.

Sporting a slightly modified version of the Acura “shield” grille, the design definitely has Acura DNA. Comparing it to the current TSX, it does indeed look smaller with a noticeably shorter rear end and trunk. 

There has been mention of an Acura hybrid coming by the end of 2012 so I wouldn’t be too surprised if this was it. It would certainly answer many questions about its size and its position in the current Acura lineup.

First Photos! 2014 Acura RSX Sedan! 

We just spied the newest Acura: An upscale sedan riding on the Civic platform and due to arrive for the 2014 model year!

RSX? That’s right! Sources are speculating that the TSX will be discontinued after the 2013 model year and the slot in the lineup will be replaced with the familiar RSX name. 

The sedan, as shown here in pre-production prototype form, will arrive in the first half of 2013, with a coupe and possible convertible to follow a year later. 

Although riding on the Civic platform, this is no rebadged Honda. The RSX will be larger than its Civic cousin and, therefore, have unique styling and sheetmetal.” – Brenda Priddy & Company 

Visit Temple of VTEC for the spy shots.

[Source: Temple of Vtec, Brenda Priddy and Company]

7 comments on “2013 Acura RSX Prototype Spied?

  1. NBP04

    If they were to end the TSX that would mean the RL would be the only “rebadged” vehicle in the line up. All other vehicles are mostly designed and built in North America? Could this be a step closer for Acura to go global?

  2. Daryl

    It’s a bit rounder than the current acuras. reminds me of a BMW a bit… which is a good thing!

  3. Alex

    Very interested to see this prototype transform into a production model. I am very interested in purchasing a 2012 TSX late next year at the end of the model year, but will wait to see what this looks like before making a decision. Hopefully Acura will come through with this one. Looks good so far.

  4. Chris

    I think there is a good chance this might be the first Hybrid that Acura should be announcing soon. It would make sense to share the current Civic Hybrid platform and would be the reason why it is a sedan and not a coupe. Possibly a hybrid sedan that could match the Lexus CT.

  5. Evan

    I have considered shopping for a pre-’09 TSX but cannot stoke my enthusiasm for it. Interior looks great and I’ve read the reviews about a slick shifter in the six-speed manual, but the bland exterior loses me. Would love to see the aforementioned thumbs-up qualities in a stylish, compact package. Can’t wait for official news, pics, specs.

  6. Kyle

    It’s probably the CSX, a Canadian exclusive it’s pretty much a Honda Civic but with more power and gadgets. Hate to burst your bubble. Acura is probably bringing the new one over to the States.

  7. G

    Horrible! The rsx is sleek and sexy, this looks way too bulky and very at the back half. The front is ok…


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