2013 Acura RSX Rendering

2013 Acura RSX Rendering

We’ve all heard the rumors of a new “Sub-TSX” model coming next year, many predicting the return of the RSX nameplate. Whether or not it will wear the RSX badge is still uncertain, but from the spy shots caught last month it looks like it won’t be a two door coupe.

Garrett Bradford brings an interesting rendering of what a future RSX Coupe would look like based on the Honda CR-Z. Looking larger and beefier than a CR-Z, it actually works pretty well with the Acura grille.

What do you think of Garrett’s RSX?

[Source: Garrett Bradford]

4 comments on “2013 Acura RSX Rendering

  1. Cameron

    they shouldnt call it the rsx if its going to be a sedan. it would make more sense to stick with csx. as for the rendering, I think it looks better than the crz, not a fan of the anteater nose 😛

  2. Michael Adhi

    *Shudders*… There’s a photo of the camouflaged sub TSX on Temple Of VTEC, maybe it is better if the picture is based on that. Old Honda coupes are just a cutaway form of their sedan counterpart, but new Honda coupes like the Accord has a different aggressive front end compared to the sedan counterpart.

    The CR-Z angled lines are not in “line” so to speak with Acura chiseled strong lines. Still good work on the chop though.

  3. Harv

    As one of the first Acura customers (near Honda HQ, Torrance), I feel strongly compelled to tell you to get rid of the “shield grill”. If you have to inform customers (TV Ad’s) that there are emotional elements in your designs, you’re dead! Nissan, Mazda, (and with the return of US retro design), your “transformers” and “robots” look like the cheapest diecast cars.

    I still own (my Acura Integra 1988 – A+ condn), and hopefully you’ll design something at least as nice as the RSX-S. Do not mix (or integrate) Civic, CRZ design into the new car (coupe). It’s a sad day when Acura is full of sedans and Mazda has developed the super cool “MX-5 Super 20”. Your doors have been officially “blown off”! Don’t make all your cars for geezers, and people who own $50,000 SUV’s that will never touch a molecule of dirt!

  4. ray

    defenitly do not make this car i own a 2006 rsx-s and its a nice car and the styling was just fine , i find it to be underpowered and can easily of been a 260 or 270 without a turbo or supercharger, it needs to be awd and the v tec i found kicked in way to late but overall i still love it and its still a fun car to drive but please dont return the rsx with that ugly crv cross over whatever it is , if people wanna drive a crv they will buy a crv t least continue with the old rsx integra style design and just maybe have a sick body kit and a nice wing with rims that would come stock , and also having a 270 hp awd engine would defenitly help , but other than that i love my acura and honda is a good brand they just need to give the driver what they want, its all about power and speed these days if people wanna buy a slower more fuel efficient car they will buy a honda but the acura brand needs to step up their shit and not have a car that just has enough specs to be able to compete with its other luxury brands, concidering the type s has the same hp as an audi a4 but the a4 has awd and in the end its turbo`d so it will have better torque and will beat the rsx when honda has the knowledge and technology to blow audi away
    hopefully future cars like the nsx will come through and deliver what we all want just like the old nsx and keep updating the car as the years go on dont have it like the old nsx and dont change the styling and performance etc..
    so hopefully the owner of honda or someone with alot of influence reads this and finally discovers what acura needs to be a worthy succesor to bmw audi and all thos overpriced but still awsome german engineering luxury cars, long live the rsx cuz thats about all i can afford 😛 its a good start for a 4 cylinderr


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