NSX Successor Concept Ready for Detroit in January?

NSX Concept Rendering from Autocar.co.uk

If what Autocar suggests is true, an NSX successor concept could steal the spotlight at the North American International Auto Show in January 2012. The UK based automotive news site was first to report that Honda will unveil the “Super Sports Concept” in Detroit about a month after the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show. 

“The Super Sports concept will follow the Small Sports EV Concept that will be unveiled at this week’s Tokyo motor show. The Super Sports design will be shown at the Detroit show in January and will form a halo model that suggests a spiritual successor to the NSX.” – Autocar 

Not surprisingly, Autocar expects that a hybrid/electric powertrain will be utilized as well as an all-wheel-drive system. Above is a very rough concept rendered by an Autocar artist. 

With no official announcement yet, I don’t think we have to be reminded to take all NSX revival rumors with a grain of salt.

Head over to Autocar.co.uk to read the full article. 

UPDATE: Jeff of Temple of VTEC has reported from Tokyo that there may be some be some “BIG” news coming at around 8PM EST. Stay tuned!

[Source: Autocar.co.uk, Temple of VTEC]

3 comments on “NSX Successor Concept Ready for Detroit in January?

  1. Roby

    It’s a pity they haven’t used the HSV design. Still reminds me of the Honda version of a Ferrari 599.

  2. beelzebub

    Since this is only a concept – this might actually be true unlike many other NSX rumors. However, Detroit seems a bit odd. A few years ago foreign brands skipped it bc they said it was mostly a show for the Detroit 3 … Tokyo would have made a more logical debut.

  3. Mitch

    Honda announced the small sports concept about a month before the Tokyo Motor Show. Id say if they dont at least mention something there or a press release shortly after then my bet is that it wont be at the detroit auto show.

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