More Details on Acura’s Future Models

Today various automotive media outlets are sharing details on what was revealed at an Acura briefing session in Las Vegas earlier this month. Yesterday’s press release announced the unveiling of the next generation NSX, 2013 RDX prototype and the ILX concept but failed to mention anything about Acura’s upcoming new flagship model.

Here is a quick summary of key points I’ve gathered from the articles:

2013 Acura ILX

• The new entry-level small sedan shares the Civic platform but will have unique styling and features. It is NOT just a rebadged Civic like the Canadian CSX.
• The ILX will be offered as a gas-electric hybrid or with a naturally aspirated 2.0L or 2.4L engine.
• Set to go on sale late spring or early summer 2012 at a starting price “well under $30,000.”

2013 RDX

• The next generation RDX will have a more conservative grille and new styling similar to the MDX.
• The four-cylinder turbo will be replaced by a V6 engine that will deliver more hp and better fuel efficiency
• A new lighter all-wheel-drive system will replace the previous SH-AWD.
• Expected to go on sale spring 2012.

Next Generation NSX

• The NSX concept shares styling of the Avengers Roadster but will have a hard-top and more developed exterior details.
• Like the first NSX it will be a mid-engined v6, but will most likely use the new hybrid SH-AWD system.
• A prototype will be revealed in Detroit to show only the exterior styling with no interior.
• Expected go on sale within three years and won’t go for “less than $100,000,”

New Flagship Sedan(RL Replacement)

• Acura’s new yet-to-be-named flagship sedan will get larger and aim to offer “7-Series cabin space, with the agility of a 5-Series,”
• It will be the first Acura model to utilize Honda’s new V6 with electric SH-AWD and the seven-speed dual-clutch transmission.
• Set to be unveiled at the 2012 New York Auto Show in April and should go into production by the end of 2012.

Also mentioned was Acura’s plan for a more distinct 3 model lineup for its sedans. The new entry-level ILX will fit in as the smallest model, and the upcoming RL successor will fill the top spot. It’s rumored that either the TSX or TL might be discontinued, with the remaining survivor left to adjust and fit into the middle-ground slot.

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One comment on “More Details on Acura’s Future Models

  1. Vince

    Keep the TL kill the TSX. It’s a great car but they can’t have a “rebadged” Euro Accord if they want to really change their image. Shrink the TL a bit and lose some weight, a SH-AWD TL will be able to compete with the 3-series.


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