A Peek at the Production ILX

Production Acura ILX

Production Ready Acura ILX?

We’ll get to see the production version of the new ILX at the 2012 Chicago Auto Show on February 8, but I’ve captured a screen shot of what looks to be the final front end design. As Jon Ikeda mentioned in his TOV walk-around video, most of the top half should stay the same as the concept we’ve seen in Detroit. The above image shows a new, revised lower bumper similar to the recent spy shots. I absolutely loved the concept and am happy to see the only tweaks are an improvement to the original design.

See the vehicle briefly at the end of Acura’s “Munchkin” video below and get ready for its official debut next week on the 8th.

[Source: Acura]

3 comments on “A Peek at the Production ILX

  1. silverTL6

    silverTL6 wrote:
    Perhaps grille styles for each powertrain?

    oops… Perhaps *different* grille styles for each powertrain?

    Wheels also appear to be different, split 5-spoke (ala TSX v6) vs. multi-spoke.


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