Drive to Five’s Tyson Hugie Discusses the ILX

 Tyson Hugie and John Watts Discuss the ILX

Tyson Hugie and John Watts Discuss the ILX

The newest model of the Acura family showed its true production form yesterday, revealing some improved adjustments to an already beautiful concept design. If the 2013 ILX is an indication of where Acura design is headed, I’m definitely looking forward to the next generation of vehicles.

Back in January, Acura launched a full-on assault with the unveiling of three new concepts at the North American International Auto Show. Among the invited media in Detroit was the “Legendary” Tyson Hugie of Drive to Five, seen scoping out the hot new ILX Concept fresh out of its box. Hear some of Tyson’s first impressions of the ILX as he chats with Acura’s John Watts, John Ikeda and Jeff Conrad in the series of clips below.

[Source: Acura]

4 comments on “Drive to Five’s Tyson Hugie Discusses the ILX

  1. Tyson Hugie

    Chris, once again thanks for the shout out! Acura’s got a great forward momentum on some exciting new designs. I think the ILX is positioned to be a real success. Glad Acura allowed me the chance to meet with some of the folks who made this car happen.

  2. Kell

    I am enjoying your presentation of the new for 2013 Acura IlX. But why can I not view your test drive of the new ILX on Acura’s web page??? The video is posted as “private?”


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