DJTanveer’s Royal Blue Pearl 2009 Acura TL

DJTanveer's Royal Blue Pearl 2009 Acura TL

DJTanveer's Royal Blue Pearl 2009 Acura TL

Love it or hate it, I’ve found that the 4G grille allows an opportunity for owners to be a bit more creative with the appearance of their TL. Personally I don’t mind the stock grille, but it’s hard to argue that the 09-11 TL doesn’t look a lot better with a RonJon grille, especially once you’ve seen DJTanveer’s blue beauty.

Of course it’s not just the grille that makes this car such a head turner, here’s a complete list of mods on DJTanveer’s 2009 TL:

20″ BC Forged HB29/ATLP J-Pipe and Cat-Back Non resonated/JL W6 10″/OEM under spoiler kit/35%,15% 3M ceramic tint/Type 2 v-leds switchbacks, full LED interior/LED DRLs/Tein SS coilovers/hid fogs/Ronjon “A” bar grille, Rear roof spoiler

Check out some gorgeous photos of this TL in the gallery below, or follow DJTanveer’s progress thread on AcuraZine.

[Image Source: Limestand PhotographyAtlas & Elm Studios]

4 comments on “DJTanveer’s Royal Blue Pearl 2009 Acura TL

  1. Christina

    the front bumpers are amazing and more stylish…the car is more resembles to Honda Accord previous models. Rims are matched perfectly with the car. Brings more delicate appearance. I must say its a beauty.

  2. Jeff

    It looks nice, but its a base 2wd, you gotta have the SH-AWD with Tech to really make this beauty shine inside and out.

  3. Jeff is an idiot

    Jeff get a clue. What’s the difference in a base model and SH-AWD? I will tell you… like 28 horsepower and the tire size. Oh there is like 1 mm difference in the stabilizer bar and some other negligible differences. In the looks department, you can do the same exact things to both cars. So they can “shine inside and out” just the same, just fine.

    I have a white 2012 TL Tech, and I am upgrading the tires to 20″, and I am looking at rims. These rims on DJTanveer’s TL are by far the sickest rims I have ever seen. I want them. However, I just found out they are appx $4,000. DJTanveer, is that how much you paid for these rims? I called the company, and they have an alternate that is very close in looks at about $1,600. I was hoping I could get these HB29’s for around $2k. Waiting to hear back from you DJTanveer. Also, did you lower your TL? If so, how much did you lower it?


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